Private dining

No matter what you are looking for; a private place for your clients, or you just want to celebrate with your friends, Café Colore is an ideal venue for all meetings. Our private room is at you disposal for up to 20 guests for any celebration, party, business presentation, press conference etc.

Refreshment and all other requirements will be provided by our experienced team at Café Colore.

Plasma screen, with HDMI input, cable, window blinds, sound-system with microphone

Please contact us with any request, at,
or by phone: +420 222 518 816

Gift Voucher

An order for a Gift Voucher can be placed on: +420 222 518 816, or on e-mail

Coffee Julius Meinl


  • 100% upland Arabica beans
  • dark, slow & gentle roasting
  • dark chocolate taste
  • strong, full-bodied taste
  • pleasant, full body
  • splendid bouquet
  • thick, mottled cream

The blend

Julius Meinl 1862 PREMIUM is an exquisite blend and consists of carefully selected, 100% upland Arabica beans. Mogiana, the best area of cultivation in Brazil and East Africa, the cradle of coffee growing, form the origin of this aromatic, strong and spicy coffee. Merging these two continents results in a unique composition and a wonderful tasty balance. The Coffea Arabica types are grown in the uplands between 800 and 2,100 m. The slow growth at temperatures between 17 to 32 degrees and the involved longer ripening period of the cherry has a positive influence on the taste and the quality of the fruit. The way of processing after the coffee harvest influences the body, the sweetness and the fruit acids of the coffee beans removed from the fruit pulp.

The roasting

Julius Meinl 1862 PREMIUM is captivating with the dark and slow roasting, which refines this espresso to a strong and full-bodied pleasure. Due to the dark roasting degree, the mildly spicy fruitiness of the clove is contained in the longlasting final note.

The thick, mottled cream pleases the eye of the coffee lover and protects the flavours in the cup at the same time. The dark chocolate cocoa taste merges with the flavour of the cedar into a delicate combination, while the sweetness and the body of the Brazilian complete the splendid bouquet.